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Cross-Fabricated Scales

Workshop Title: Cross-Fabricated Scales
Date: September 27-30, 2010
Location: Chinese University of Hong Kong

This workshop explored material systems through an iterative design process that alternates between analogue and digital modeling techniques. The workshop introduced students to various physical form-finding techniques that investigate and simulate the interrelatedness of material, structure, and form. After completing these hands-on experiments, students were given an intensive introduction to parametric modeling using the Grasshopper plug-in for the 3D modeling program Rhino. Using this generative design environment, students began to explore how to abstract the principles learned in the physical form-finding models into digital para-metric models. Finally, workshop students developed a series of digitally fabricated models from their digital models that resonate with the logic and material forces of the initial physical experiments.

The workshop was part of a larger studio taught by Prof. Wendy Fok of

Aldgate Aerial Park

Project Name: Aldgate Aerial Park
Year: 2010
Location: London, UK

Aldgate, one of the medieval gates of London, sits between the old City and the new eastern development for the 2012 Olympics. The Aldgate Aerial Park resists the binary relationship of the traditional gate typology. More than just a singular threshold between one urban zone and another, the network of vaults span multiple streets and pathways. Rather than a simple opening between one place and another, it expands out into the city and forms its own identity as a new urban park. The aerial park creates a space of relaxation and community above the chaos of the city streets. The cells of the park include amphitheaters, gardens, restrooms, and open spaces. Rather than reinforce the dividing line between new and old London, the new gate attempts to create a spatial blur that brings people together.

Biodynamic Structures 2011

Biodynamic Structures: July 2011
San Francisco Visiting School
California College of the Arts
Monday 11 to Friday 22 July, 2011

I am happy to announce that I will be teaching again at this summer’s Architectural Association San Francisco Visiting School at CCA. For more information, please visit the main website for the workshop. We have a great line up of Grasshopper, Kangaroo, and Firefly workshops as well as lectures on fabrication, design, and material systems by many leading designers and thinkers including Jason Kelly Johnson from Future Cities Lab, Andy Payne from Lift Architects/GSD, Ronnie Parsons and Gil Akos from Studio Mode/Pratt, and Michael Weinstock, Evan Greenberg, Christina Doumpioti, George Jeronimidis and Toni Kotnik from the EmTech Program at the AA in London.