Zero/Fold Screen

Year: 2010
Size: 10′ x 10′ x 3′
Location: Kasian Gallery, University of Calgary, Canada

Description: Although digital fabrication has allowed architects and designers to explore more complex geometries, one of the byproducts has been a lack of attention to material waste. Often digitally fabricated projects are generated from a top-down logic with the parameters of typical material sheet sizes being subordinated to the end of the design process. This project attempts to reverse that logic by starting from the basic material dimensions and then generating a series of components that will minimize material waste during CNC cutting while still producing an undulating, light-filtering screen in the gallery.

Responses (3) to “Zero/Fold Screen”

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  2. […] from a free form surface which represented a 30% of material waste , they inspired in the work of Andrew Kudless’ Zero/Fold Screen.,and by constraining the overall geometry and implementing simple trigonometric functions, they […]